Sunday, 29 January 2012

little princess in a terrible mess..

coat: oasis (christmas gift)

brooch: vintage shop in liverpool's bluecoat building


dress: miso (republic)

brogues: henry holland via ebay

another outfit post from earlier in the week - i feel as though i've hardly posted any outfits for ages - i don't seem to have taken very many photos recently anyway!

one trend i wasn't all that convinced with was brogues..i'm usually a fan of a much more girly shoe, and since the whole point of brogues seems to be to give a nod to the mannish-footwear trend, you can imagine they've never been top of my 'need' list..but recently i've had to part with a couple of my most trusty pairs of flat shoes, having worn them out in fairly critical places, so that, plus the fact that this pair was going for a few pounds on ebay, made me think i'd bite the bullet and place a bid..i won them for £5.50 all in, and i think they've been worth that already..

having never had a pair of henry holland shoes before, i wasn't sure how they would fit, but i've had no problems with the comfort of these, and have worn them for two full days recently without any rubbing or anything - the mark of a good shoe in my book!

here i decided to pair them with a wool dress which i bought years ago from republic, drawn to the princess and the unicorn print, no doubt..i'd tried it on and decided it was probably too short to get away with wearing with heels, and have always been a fan of mixing pink and grey, so it was brogues to the rescue..

and the newest addition to my fab pink coat; this triceratops brooch was just £5 in a tiny vintage shop which myself, alex and helen popped into after our trip to the tate last week..i literally could not leave the shop without it..


  1. I love that coat, it's such a gorgeous colour! x

  2. Oh I love the shoes Char! I like brogues on other people but on myself I'm always worried they make my feet look huge haha.

  3. love those brogues, they look so chic and ooh supercute dress! x

  4. That is quite possibly the cutest brooch ever and totally suited to you!

  5. Aah I used to have those shoes but never wore them...did you buy them off me on eBay?! ;) They look cute with your outfit :)