Thursday, 5 January 2012

to make the floods seem still..

knitted dress: 'tsega' (via local boutique)

boots: office (via ebay)

so it's that hilarious time of year again, where the river bursts it's banks where i live, and seems to send all of the people who live in my building into a blind panic and abandon their vehicles however they choose to, regardless of whether that contravenes the numerous notices or not..

anyway, rant over and i was kind of thinking of some flood-friendly footwear to go with this knitted the moment it seems to be cold enough in my office to wear knitted dresses, so i'm making the most of it - usually i get far too warm in wool! and i came across these red boots squirrelled away in the bottom of one of the wardrobes, and figured they would be ok for prancing through's not quite bad enough for wellies yet!

p.s: secret santa update : as far as i can work out, everyone who took part in the bloggers' secret santa received their present - if that's not the case, pleeease let me know and i'll track your package down if i can.. but i'd like to say thank you very much to all 32 of you who signed up and took part :)


  1. That dress is so cool, I love it, it's very Russian !


  2. and thank YOU for organising the SS!

    love that dress xo

  3. Booooots! Red boooots!
    Cute dress too!
    Z xx

  4. Oooh awesome dress, so cute! Theres plenty flooding here too, my mum just panicks about me driving in it, she thinks I'm daft! :)

  5. i adore this dress, your outfit has a rather fun 60's feel to it x

  6. Love this outfit, that dress is gorgeous x

  7. That dress is fab! I've never seen any similar to that before x

    I keep saying it but thank YOU for organising the SS XX