Saturday, 21 January 2012

**versatile blogger tag**

i was recently awarded this versatile blogger award from helen, who blogs at half the world away and is lovely, and also from the fabulous hazel from tales of a little hazzelnut , so thank you both for tagging me !

versatile blogger

after thanking the people who sent it my way, the rules state i have to share seven facts about myself, so here goes..

  • i can't stand cucumber, or melon - if i eat either of them, they make me physically sick..
  • i love to be by the seaside, even if it's crappy weather there's something about it which makes me feel so relaxed..
  • i would love a tortoise - i've wanted one for as long as i can remember
  • i like writing and receiving letters, well anything nice through the post really, and have made many penpal friends through blogging - if anyone else would like to exchange post, get in touch! :)
  • my favourite colour is currently mustard, although it changes a lot..
  • i can speak french and spanish fairly well..
  • i can't go to sleep without the window open - even if it's -6 outside..
i know that i'm quite late to the parade with this one, so instead of tagging anyone specifically, i will leave it open to anyone who hasn't yet been tagged, and look forward to finding out more about you!


  1. I do love to be beside the seaside too, it leaves me feeling refreshed.

  2. Congratulations Char, and I totally agree with you, the seaside is amazing. xxx

  3. Nice facts! I also agree with the seaside thing- so peaceful and restful, it's like I go back into reset mode, where all is alright with the world when I am there. My dad has a flat by the seaside and before the electrics needed redoing, I spent several happy half terms there on even in October and February walking miles in the rain along the coast!

  4. I use to be the same about having to have a window open, but it's now left me. I think because the boy use to get so cold when I did and now we live right next to a freeway it gets so so nosey with it open. Luckily we have air con if it gets too warm.

  5. I'd love a tortoise!
    Agree with the cucumber thing - far too tasteless!

  6. I'd love a tortoise!
    Agree with the cucumber thing - far too tasteless!

  7. I loathe cucumber too, and I'm not too fond of melon either!
    In my dream world, I too would have a pet tortoise xxx