Tuesday, 14 February 2012

why do fools fall in love..

owl necklace: local boutique

heart cardigan: local boutique

lip paint: barry m 62

dress: clothing at tesco
i couldn't let valentine's day go by without some kind of nod towards something heart-shaped, right? (than again, it didn't seem like such a grand plan when i was swearing my way through the wardrobes this morning muttering "fml, how is it possible to not be able to find something with hearts on, i have the most stupid amount of clothes in the world grrrrr!" so i was pleased when i remembered and hoiked this cardigan out of one of my wardrobes..

i'm not really fussed either way on valentine's day -i'm a bit of a romantic at heart, so i'm not one of the valentine's haters, although i do think it's a bit over-commercialised (but then again, seee my views on christmas - what isn't these days?!) and an advertisers' dream - case in point, i was in the supermarket at lunch and there were heart-shaped punnets of heart-shaped strawberries..seriously..but i guess everyone has to make their money somehow, right?

i did decide to brave my bright pink lippy again, although i don't seem to manage to get it to stay on my lips past my first cup of coffee (as soon as i get to the office then!), in the hope it would draw the attention away from the sorry state of my skin's starting to get a bit out of control - if anyone has any suggestions for any miracle products which would help to clear it up i'd really appreciate it..

RAK swap update - today is the posting date; has everyone sent their little parcels of loveliness off to their partners? if you've had any problems let me know - also let me know when your parcel has arrived nice and safe? i think the swap seems to be coming together ok, and had people asking me to let them know when i was going to hold another, so let me know if you think it's been a good idea, and whether it's something you would do again in the future or not..

i think it's nice to spread a bit of love now and again.. <3


  1. I thought I was anti-valentines but clearly, I'm not!

    LOVE that necklace x

  2. I agree, it's a bit daft, it's over commercialised...but, I still wore something pink and my heart necklace!

  3. Char, how do you not know about owls being evil?

  4. Oh I wish we had a local boutique with such lovelies as the owl and cardi!!

  5. Valentines is over commercialised, but it is still a nice 'holiday' :)

    Love the print on the dress, so pretty :)

    My RAK parcel has been sent!

  6. It's a really lovely print on that dress : )

  7. Hi Char - I had the most awful acne between the ages of 25-27 - so unfair :( It was much worse than yours is.
    My breakthrough came when, after years of trying out numerous different lotions and potions - seriously, I tried everything from boots own brand to clinique and other designer brands - I realised that all the anti acne stuff I was using was far too harsh for my skin.
    I donned breathing apparatus and went into Lush and the following products worked wonders for me - I still have the odd blemish but the change in my skin and my confidence is enormous. I can hardly believe I'm looking at the same person in the mirror. Try their 'ultrabland' cleanser, 'Fresh Farmacy' soap (use a face wash in the morning) and 'Vanishing cream' moisturiser (a little goes a very long way but this is expensive so I have since switched to a 'simple' moisturiser with no adverse effects, touch wood). I also like their 'angels on bare skin' cleanser and tea tree toner.
    My routine - morning - fresh farmacy, moisturise. Evening - remove makeup with ultrabland, remove UB residue with AOBS, Tone with Tea tree toner then moisturise whilst still damp.
    I saw a change in my skin within the month.
    Good luck