Monday, 19 March 2012

i don't need a parachute..

parachute print top: asos

shoes: topshop

shorts, tights, cardigan: primark
I'm feeling nice and relaxed after an enjoyable and stress-free weekend, and for once my diary is fairly clear for the week, which I'm rather pleased about. A definite feeling of positivity.

It's sunny, but rather chilly here today, so I'm glad I went for the thick woolen tights with these shorts, to try and pick out some of the colours in this parachute print vest. I'd had this one saved in my ASOS wishlist for quite a while, doing my usual 'tempting fate' routine with waiting for the price to go down in the sale, when of course it sold out. I was quite lucky to find a brand new one on ebay in my size only a few weekes later, and snapped it up for less than the price it had been on the website, but I don't often have that luck.


  1. Ah another amazing print! Love this outfit

  2. That top is adorable! Love the outfit you've put it with too.

    Hope you have a good week! x

  3. love those shorts with that blouse, you did have a bout of lucking finding that blouse on ebay.

  4. Oh Char I've just spotted those gold glitter shoes in the back ground. loving them!

    X x

  5. Oooh loving the parachute print, good going on the eBay dealing.

    It's been so bright and sunny here. When I left this morning, I was perspiring a bit in my dress and jacket, when I got home, I was shivering. I hate spring for its bipolar weather.

  6. Gorgeous top. The weather has been lovely here too but still so cold. The wooly tights were definitely a good idea! xx

  7. Aw I remember that top! I really wanted it but it had sold out by payday booo :(