Wednesday, 7 March 2012

you've done it all, you've broken every code..

dress: ebay // cardigan: new look

mustard sandals: french connection (sale, years ago!)

On Monday morning I stumbled bleary-eyed into the wardrobe room and spotted these mustard heels, which sparked an outfit idea. I dug out this dress, threw on a cardigan which sort of went with it all, and managed to rush out of the house, relatively fuss-free. I like days like that.

The following morning was the complete opposite - I faffed around unsure of what to wear, settled on something, and then got outside to find it was actually -3C and the flippy dress which I hadn't been all that sure about in the first place, was definitely not well-suited to the weather, so went back inside to change and was running late by the time I actually got in the car..

Anyone else have a total wardrobe malfunction like this on a regular basis - I think if I had less clothes, maybe I'd find it easier to choose what to wear..


  1. That floral dress is so pretty.
    Yeah, it's that getting dressed and then stepping out of the door and freezing your socks off that gets me every time! It looks all sunny and warm but boy, it is so deceptive! Brrr!
    Z xx

  2. love your mustard shoes! I like spur of the moment outfits.

  3. I wish I could pull out outfits like this in a bleary eyed morning state! The shoes are a gorgeous colour as are you. Gorgeous, not mustard coloured obvz.


  4. All my outfits are spur of the moment, I spend too long on the laptop over breakfast! Must plan more. I like this one, pretty.

  5. that dress and those shoes <3