Saturday, 14 April 2012

call it what you want..

hat, shorts, tights, boots: primark

top: miss selfridge // cardigan: forever 21 // bag: nica (via tk maxx)

This was a really casual thrown-together outfit for popping into town last Saturday to run a lot of errands. I managed to drag one huge Primark bag and a cardboard box of car-boot leftovers to the charity shop, whilst also carrying a box to post off to a friend for her birthday; it was quite a juggling act!

I love this Nica satchel bag; I know they've become a bit of a cliche recently, but this was a total gem of a find in TK Maxx a couple of years ago, and I haven't got bored of it yet - it's the perfect size for everything i need, and even fits a book - or my kindle in it, which I find essential if I'm going anywhere which could involve a wait, or a coffee break..The best part was that it only cost £12, and I must have used it hundreds of times by now, so it was definitely a worthwhile spend!

This weekend I'm hoping that the frost isn't too bad, as I want to get asparagus shoots planted, as well as the onion bulbs which have been sitting around waiting to be planted for a while. The plot next to my allotment is putting mine to shame, they have paving, shed and rabbit-proof fencing. So far mine is not looking a great deal different to when I took it on, although there are some potatoes under a small portion of the ground. I feel behind, but keep reminding myself there is no rush, and that it's not supposed to be a competition.


  1. You should enjoy the allotment. Ignore what they're like!
    I love my Nica bag too, fits everything for such a small bag

  2. Love the colour of your bag!

  3. Lovely outfit. :] you should ignore the others and enjoy you time at the allotmentx

  4. love that cardi and shorts,you look great.