Thursday, 3 May 2012

put me on my knees at your feet today..

cardigan: new look
heels: office
pencil skirt: h+m
tshirt: h+m
Day 3: Something you're wearing for the first time.

Considering I'm a significant way through a 100-day shopping ban, you'd think it would be tricky to find something I hadn't yet worn for the first time, right?

Wrong. I'm a chronic "buy now, think about it later" kind of shopper, and a few months ago now came across this polka dot skirt in h+m and was really taken with it. When I came to wear it a few days later I wasn't so sure about the shape and fit, so I bunged it on the pile of pencil skirts which have built up over the last year or so, and wore something else.

I'd sort of forgotten about it until this morning, when I decided to give it another try. It's quite a thick jersey material, so I'm naturally concerned about it's clingy nature around my hips, thighs and bum, which I'm fairly self-conscious about ad a general rule anyway.

I went with a dull and unexciting t-shirt, and a thought I'd add a pair of shoes which I really LOVE in order to try and build up the confidence.

Also I managed to break my camera, hence the terrible photos at strange angles, but I hope to have it back up and running; it's done it before, I was just in a rush this morning to get to the parcel office and pick up my mystery parcel - turns out I won an ASOS competition - yay!

Ooh, I tried out the carrot and courgette muffin recipe yesterday evening; it turned out really well and was very simple - I'd definitely recommend it, so the recipe can be found here. I picked it up from a Sainsbury's tweet the other day.


  1. You really should have a bit more confidence about your appearance!

    Those shoes are fantastic. Peep toe Mary janes are my favourite.


  2. That's a lovely skirt, really suits you :)

  3. The polka dot skirt looks really nice as do the striped heels, they go together perfectly :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. I love the skirt and you look really slim and chic :)

  5. You really rock that pencil skirt look; much better on a proper, beautiful figure,(YOU!), than a stick thin bod too.
    I lurve those shoes and , OMG!, that amazing shoe collection in your previous post. I could have hours of fun trying them all on! Couldn't walk in most of them tho'.
    Sounds a really fun challenge. Could almost be tempted to join in, even if I'm a few days behind!!
    Z xx

    PS That red dress you made is beautiful and the dress you did with Alex...well, how cute is that? Love it, and it looks so good on her too!

  6. You look amazing - you shouldn't worry about your appearance at all. The skirt is fab and the shoes bring the outfit all together.

  7. the skirt is gorgeous hun! it suits your lovely figure :)
    Love Amie xxxx

  8. I love that outfit, particularly the nautical themed peep-toe shoes.

    You look great.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  9. That's the way I am. Well I'm glad you gave the skirt another chance because it looks great.

  10. Really love the outfit and you've always had a great figure to carry it off (and I totally see your recent weight loss-you're tiny!). Looking lovely.