Tuesday, 26 June 2012

i've been drinking with wolves dressed up as sheep..

AwUBLkrCIAAnTaB.jpg large
giraffe knitted vest: george@asda
AwUBNdQCMAERsWZ.jpg large
cardigan: h+m // shorts: clothing at tesco
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charity shop purchases
I've been really quite impressed with the recent clothes section offerings from my local supermarkets. I don't often shop in Asda for my food if I'm honest, but their G21 section is quite often worth a wander through. I saw this giraffe print vest on the website last week and decided I would have a look for it in the shop next time I was in. It's knitted, so I figured it would be good for the dreary weather which greeted me out of the window this morning.

 Due to the odd hem difference (it's a lot longer at the back, which I decided would look a bit strange with a skirt) I paired it with my trusty Clothing at Tesco shorts and then threw a cardigan over the top for added layering. Also realised that the pumps I slipped on as I was leaving need replacing, or at least throwing out, as they have a hole in them. Is there anywhere to recycle old and unwearable shoes - it seems a shame to bin them...?

Inspired by Danielle's post here I included a photo of a few things I picked up in the charity shops at the weekend. I don't recognise any of the makes, but the dress is a lovely print and I think I can alter the top section so that it fits me and looks a bit more flattering; I thought it was a good buy at £6 which I managed to haggle it down to.

The skirt is actually a funny pair of wrap-over front culottes. Any excuse to add to my ever-expanding shorts collection. And the scarf? Well, it's educational - it has plants and their names on it (as well as being cute). All fully justifiable, right?

Has anyone else had any charity shop luck recently?


  1. That vest is amazing!! I do love George at Asda, there's some right gems in there sometimes :)
    I never have any luck in charity shops! :( x

  2. Looove that outfit, and you definitely got some good finds at the charity shop

  3. I thought for a second you had cut your hair super short! It would suit you :) Supermarket clothes shopping is fab, good for work clothes especially

  4. I often see lot's of nice things in the G21 section as asda :) ..not good though when I'm just meant to be food shopping! I really like the mustard colour polka dot skirt!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Love everything! Polka dot skirt is so cute. Also is that a PENGUIN phone cover?! (love penguins!) ;)

  6. The floral dress is amazing! Great find :)

  7. Love your charity shop buys, those culottes look and sound great :)

  8. Ooh what nice charity shop buys!!!! I found a gorgeous Laura Ashley (modern) dress recently for £7- it was the same shape as your postcard one and I love it!! I totally love it! Also love your gingerbread shoes!!!

  9. Wow I can't believe how nice the charity shop things are :)I hope you make it a regular feature! The skirt culottes are literally something I'd die for if I saw them, amazing :D