Saturday, 30 June 2012

she wanted mary poppins and i took her to king lear..

archive print dress: laura ashley
scotty dog shoes: irregular choice
cardigan: primark
This is what I wore for an evening out with my mum a couple of weeks ago; we went for dinner and a trip to the theatre. It was rather lovely as I don't often get to spend much time on my own with her and we have booked some tickets to another play which is nearby next week - yay!

 I loved this dress for a long time before actually buying it and although I do still love it, I really felt uncomfortable in it all day - I need to try and figure out how to take in the straps and the bodice section without affecting the shape of the neckline, as I am not going to wear it again and spend all day catching sight of my underwear poking out above the neckline.

This was the first wear for these shoes (more dogs, anyone would think I was obsessed!), which again I had faniced for a while before finding a pair on ebay to add to my collection. I do tend to build up my Irregular Choice collection from ebay these days rather than from the website as I have found that recently I prefer the older styles to most of their newer offerings. I have a list of pairs which I would ideally like and every now and then I may find a pair for sale, I suppose it's more exciting that way too, leaving it down to chance.


  1. There is something so much more satisfying about buying something from eBay than a regular shop!

    I think that dress looks lovely but if you are uncomfortable in it then I can see why it puts you off wearing it.


  2. Fab dress and those shoes... fantastic!


  3. Loving the green shoes. I think you can find a real gem on eBay if your willing to take a chance.

    X x

  4. For a split second I though those shoes had peppa pig on them char haha! xx

  5. Brilliant! I think the dress and shoe combo is beautiful though I do understand those feelings of discomfort- I get them!

  6. I LOVE this dress and shoe combination, absolutely gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  7. beautiful shoes and dress, lovely! xxx