Thursday, 26 July 2012

sequin rose..

sequin top: matalan
skirt: h+m // shoes: primark
I picked this top up a few weeks ago now and had been wondering for a while what to wear it with. I'm a bit of a fan of daytime sequins, so was sort of pleased when I came across this skirt I'd forgotten about when I was clearing out a storage box.

Unfortunately, by the time I had got to work, one of the threads holding the sequins on had come undone, meaning I left a bit of a trail of them behind me all day. I was really disappointed considering it was it's first outing, and I wouldn't say it had had to put up with much hard wearing.

Luckily, when I took it back to the shop the following day they were happy to refund me for it, given that it isn't fit for purpose. I was kind of sad as I really like the colour, so perhaps that's something to look out for in the future.


  1. What a shame, it looks so pretty.
    Can you buy it off the reduced rail now and sew in the loose ends?
    Z xx

  2. It is a lovely colour, I am surprised you got a refund, shops can be really difficult sometimes! Hope you find something similar soon :)

    Karys x

  3. What a shame about the top, it's so pretty as well! The colour is gorgeous. I hope you can find something similar

  4. Oh how gutting about the top :(

  5. I never wear sequins in the daytime, but I should, you look lovely! Such a shame it fell apart but I have a sort of vision of you being like a sparkly Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of sequins! :)

  6. That top is so pretty, shame it wasn't sewn very well, at least they refunded you though!

  7. Ahh ive had this EXACT same prob and its so frustrating. i bought this amazeballs sequined jacket, it had beads and sequins and all things colourful and shiny (it was nice i swear, even if i AM making it sound like something michael jackson wore, circa 1980!) but all the little beads satring coming loose and falling off, it made me too scared to wear it which sucked cos it was pretty pricey. now i can only wear it for special occasions :-(