Sunday, 30 September 2012

and i'd rather stay here, with all the madmen..

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It's not a big secret that I never really watch any TV. My crazy schedule tends to mean that even if I did see an episode of soemthing I liked once, I'd probably never catch it again.

What it does mean, is that I get rather into DVD box sets. Usually a long while after everyone else has finished them.

One of my most recent watches is Mad Men. I bought my Dad the s1-4 set of them for his Father's Day present earlier in the year, before borrowing them back from him to watch first. I managed to finish all four seasons in just a few weeks and am now thoroughly in love with Don Draper.

I'd love to live in the 50s. Imagine being expected to wear huge-petticoated  'Betty'-dresses for day to day life.

My main quandary though? Would I prefer to be Peggy, Betty or Joan? OK, Betty or Joan really. I am not a big fan of Peggy. I guess her work ethic is to be admired, but really? Pete Cooper? Ick.

Betty has the best wardrobe by a mile. But is maybe a bit of a brat. I'd like to think my mothering skills wouldn't end at "Go watch TV." anytime my kids were getting in the way of what I wanted to do.

So that leaves Joan? I sort of love her. She comes across as a bit of a bitch. I like that. She knows how to dress for her figure, and get what she wants. I love how she takes control when they set up base in the hotel room.

Which would you be? And isn't that the best picture ever?


  1. I like Mad Men, I love Peggy because she works hard to get what she wants and Joan is also amazing, definitely some well written characters!

    Maria xxx

  2. I've never gotten into it, although never properly tried to watch it either, but I love the fashions and Christina Hendricks is a God in my eyes!

  3. I love Peggy! She's young and naive and makes mistakes but she learns and grows and I love that about her. :)