Saturday, 20 October 2012

life's too short to even care at all..

jacket: h&m
shoes: irregular choice
dress: george@asda
I bought this jacket when I last went to London for a few days, which (scarily) was more than three years ago. That was such a lovely weekend, time seems to have mostly gone so quickly since then. Although other times it only seems about five minutes ago. Time can be a funny thing, can't it.

As another reminder of time ticking around, this year cropped leather jackets seem to be all the rage, once more. Which meant that I dragged this one out of the wardrobe (where it's been for the last three years) and took off the tags, and here it is. I really love the colour of it, much more than the prospect of a black one. I think that with the cropped nature of it, I can get away with the fact that it's four sizes too big for me, as well.

I've worn this dress with these heels before, they seem to go so nicely.

I'm still dilemma-ing over cars at the moment. It's come down to a choice between a 'sensible' option, and a somewhat more impractical one, which I'm pretty tempted by. I'm being advised by most of the people I've spoken to about it that I should live for the moment and go with the crazy option whilst I'm young and not tied down. We shall see.                    


  1. the title of this blog post has provided me with some unexpected peace of mind so thank you haha :) i love the jacket, such an unusual colour, and i am forever coveting your shoe collection. xxx

  2. I love shopping in my own closet as well, you never know what you might find and its free!

  3. I love the fact that jacket is not black, it matches that dress perfectly xxx

  4. Such a gorgeous jacket, I am very jealous!

    Maria xxx