Sunday, 11 November 2012

sunday shoes 010..

new shoes this week - total cost £14.25 altogether
Whoever said new shoes had to be expensive? These were this week's eBay wins, and it seems to have been a week of bargains. The Irregular Choice ones are fairly old styles, I already have this pair in mint green and fancied completing my collection; the pink and blue were £1.20 and £2.70 respectively.

Then this pair of Carvela heels. Aren't they just the perfect shade of purple for autumn outfits? £10.35 strikes me as a bargain and I can see them appearing in future outfit posts pretty soon! They'd be perfect party shoes...

Anyone else doing the new shoes dance lately?


  1. oh my god, the irregular choice shoes are so so cute! xx

  2. Love the Carvela heels! Such a pretty colour, I've been buying boots in bulk lately, I live in boots from September to about July so this time of year is perfect to feed my addiction!


  3. Bargains indeed! I couldn't believe it yesterday when I found a pair of immaculate Irregular choice green shoes in a charity shop fir £4. Sadly size 5!

  4. Wow, how do you do it?? They are great bargains! Especially love the cute flats. xx

  5. what bargains! those purple ones are lovely can't wait to see them on x x
    XO Amie

  6. those flats... i can't speak, too jealous! xxx