Friday, 14 December 2012

friday favourites 031..

001: Eliza J 3/4 sleeve dress, £130
002: Whistles Clara dress, £115
003: Chinese Laundry 'Work it Out' heels, £64.99
For this week's wishlist I could hardly avoid all of the lovely party dresses around at the moment, could I, given the time of year? I don't have any parties to go to, but it's a bit of a tradition to dress up nicely for Christmas Dinner on the day itself, so I've been having a bit of a browse and would love to be dressed in one of these beauties...

001: The collar and cuff detail on this dress is wonderful. i really like the ruched waist as well, which I think would be quite flattering. I sometimes shy away from longer length dresses, but I think with the right pair of shoes, they can look lovely. 

002: I really love the lace top and neckline detail on this Whistles dress, and the jewel colour makes me think it's perfect for wintery parties with a furry collar?

003: What Christmas outfit would be complete without the perfect pair of heels? I love the glittery finish of these, which I think would be plenty high enough to go with the first dress.

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?


  1. That whistle dress is lovely. For xmas day i have two outfits that i am yet to decide on, both being dresses, one is a cute tea dress with heels but if i get my converse i will be rocking them with a midi dress and leather jacket.


  2. What am I wearing Christmas Day??? A pinny! (Probably with something else underneath...just to be clear there!).
    When we used to go to my mums', I'd do the dinner and I'd be wearing shorts and a vest top! She kept her flat so hot I'd practically melt!
    Z xx

  3. Oooohh I love that frock, beautiful!! x

  4. The Whistles dress is so beautiful! Love the heels too xo

  5. I love the whistles dress, I do tend to wear a nice dress on Christmas Day but I think that ones a bit too nice, I'd keep it for a party xxx

  6. I LOVE that Whistles dress, so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  7. Those heels are gorgeous!! Love the Whistles dress too :)