Monday, 10 December 2012

let the sky fall..

Picture 003
coat: george at asda
Picture 008
scarf: h+m
Picture 007
flat shoes : Spartoo
Picture 009
dress: topshop
Picture 017
These photos were taken a few weeks ago now, when I went to see Skyfall at the cinema. I'd been in one of those silly "I'd sort of rather stay at home because I can't be bothered" moods, so I was pleasantly surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I wasn't sure I'd got around to posting outfit photos of my latest pink coat. I picked it up a while ago from George@Asda, despite the fact I already have a pink coat. The other one is longer and doesn't have bows, or a hood, so that's totally ok, right..?

I really like this dress, I only recently rediscovered it in a bag of clothes I got back from storage. I'd almost forgotten about it. Due to the tie at the back, it's not too obviously huge on me now, which is a good thing. There's a kind of black under-dress layer, which is quite bodycon, and then a floaty, polka dot print dress over the top, with a low V to the back, and a sash to tie. I should have got better pictures, but these were hastily snapped on my phone as I was in a rush to leave.

I am really loving these shoes as well at the moment. I recently picked them up for next to nothing, meaning I have them in three different colours now, but they are so cute and easy to wear that I see nothing wrong with this.


  1. I adore that coat- is it a recent purchase, or have I no hope of tracking it down in store?
    I was sort of the same as you about going to see Skyfall- wasn't expecting much but I loved how it was more about the story than anything else, different to most other James Bond films!

    xxx Maddie

  2. I love the pinkness, the coat is super cute and I'd love to own those irregular choices, especially in that colour! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  3. that is a very snazzy coat! I wasn't sure about Skyfall either but did quite enjoy it in the end! x x

  4. That coat is truly yummy- it reminds me of the pink licorice allsorts! Very cute outfit all in all! I was a right grump about going to see Sky Fall and then like you, I really enjoyed it!x

  5. That coat is super cute and I love the dress, I love a floaty layer!

    Maria xxx