Saturday, 9 February 2013

and all the girls whose lips couldn't move fast enough..

cardigan: clothing at tesco
cat shoes: irregular choice // tights: primark
skeleton king necklace: river island
skirt: forever 21
I like all of the elements of this outfit enough, I just hate the way I look in the photos. All week I've had some weird emotions controlling my thoughts and one of the things I can't seem to stop thinking about is how gross and fat I feel I am at the moment. It's strange because I've not stopped doing any of the usual exercise, I'm still swimming every day and fitting in as many spinning classes as my evening schedule allows. I have no idea what's the matter, I just seem to have come to a bit of a standstill and have started to really hate my shape. I'm truly fed up of trying to explain it to friends and family as well, and being told I'm being stupid. Gah.

Who knows, maybe something will restore my confidence in myself soon. Not really sure how to kick start it, though.


  1. Love the cardigan! x

  2. Well I think you look great, I love the whole look x x

    Xo Amie

  3. I never know what to say when I hear that this is getting you down, as I know that nothing I can say will really help. But you are a very beautiful girl and I hope you can find a way to know that and be happy x

  4. Char massive hug - its horrible feeling that way :( I happen to think you look very lovely!

  5. i think you look lovely <3
    and p.s brilliant title... gotta love FOB!
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  6. I do worry about your thoughts on body image sometimes, they hit home quite a lot.

    Sending you oodles of love xx

  7. Love this cardigan. I do genuinely think you look amazing, but I know it doesn't always help to hear that. It's frustrating if people tell you that you're being stupid; even if you look great (and you do) that doesn't mean your thoughts about your body are stupid. Hope things start to feel better for you soon. Take care xx

  8. That's a pity you're feeling down, hope something changes for you soon. that cardigan was made for those cute shoes!