Friday, 8 February 2013

friday favourites 036..

001: Abigail's Party boots, £68
002: Wiskers heels, £63.99
My whole wishlist this week comes from Irregular Choice (nothing new there, then!)and I'm still trying to narrow down which pair to order next from Spartoo.

001: I love the big bow on these boots, almost as much as the fact they are covered entirely in sequins - and yet, still easy enough to dress down for everyday wear, no?

002: I'm struggling to decide between the red and the black version of these heels, I really like the way they cross over the foot.

Which pair would you go for?


  1. Both so so pretty but the little kitty on the red pair just tips it for me! :)

  2. I have the whiskers shoes but in the black version. The red really is gorgeous! Wouldn't mind them myself too! Xx

  3. I only got one pair off my a/w wishlist (the Endangered boots), don't have room and can't afford any more. Saving for the bunny heeled ones anyway!! I love the Whiskers, think the red are really striking.