Tuesday, 5 February 2013

i swear i'd be a better man..

shorts: clothing at tesco
brogues : henry holland
shirt: asos* // waistcoat, tights: new look
Since it was snowing again when I left the house this morning, I decided it was probably a good idea to go for some relatively sensible shoes. I might be heels' biggest fan ordinarily, but snow plus a gravelly pathway from the car park is probably not the best combination, so flat shoes were the only way to go. I do love these brogues despite considering them a bit boyish, but figured that today, for a change, I would embrace the boyish look.

I don't remember when I decided it would be a good idea to purchase this waistcoat, but I know it's been languishing in my knitwear suitcase for several years and I'm pretty sure I've never worn it. So here it is, layered up with my oversized swan print blouse and my trusty old shorts. 

Has anyone else got snow today? As ever, I'm excited about it. Although I'm starting to worry about when I'm going to get going with the allotment this year - so much to do!


  1. These shorts are amazing, and i love this boyish look on you, you have the figure to pull off everything!

    Maria xxx

  2. We've had annoying wet snow that didn't stick. What's the point of it?!

    Love the amazing swan blouse and the waistcoat is super cute over the top. Don't let it languish any more!

  3. No snow at all! How rubbish! Love the brogues!

  4. Great outfit. I love those brogues. We've had lots of (wishful) rumours of snow, but none has actually appeared yet! xx

  5. the brogues are the perfect touch x

  6. I love a good androgenous moment, I am all for shorts, have a big thing for shirts & do love brogues, winner in my books, those are stunning brogues too. I am most jealous.

    No snow here my dear.

    Happy Hump Day. x

  7. I love those brogues!!

  8. LOVE the brogues! I hope they are still in the shops!