Tuesday, 19 March 2013

buttons and clowns..

heels: primark
skirt: charity shop (no tag)
jumper : h&m
I vaguely remember being drawn to the print of this skirt and the fact it had buttons all the way down the front, whilst browsing in a charity shop. About two years ago.

Although maxi length isn't usually my thing, I think I had plans to alter the length a bit. Which has never happened. And yet, I dragged it out of the pile of unsorted clothes this morning (Operation Wardrobe Organise still has a long way to go, although progress is being steadily made), pulled the tags off it (apparently I paid £2.99 for it in the British Heart Foundation) and gave it a try with an old favourite jumper of mine and some steady favourite shoes.

I will probably cry when these MJs give up the ghost : I'm really hoping Primark do them again but it's been quite a while now so I suspect they won't.

I've decided I actually do quite like this skirt. Unlike other maxi skirts I've had it's not too full-skirted or swishy. There's no fear of tripping over the hem on my way up or down the stairs in my office, which is always a good thing.

I guess I'll find it some space in my skirts rail and it can stay..


  1. Really loving this cute little outfit, your skirt is beautiul and such a great little find! xx

  2. A fabulous 1980s maxi there, you look gorgeous in it! x

  3. That skirt was a fabulous find! x

  4. Ah I love this outfit, that top is sooo pretty!

  5. You can so pull off the maxi, and the print is really endearing too. Love this xxx

  6. so in love with that maxi, wow! <3 it really suits you, too xxx

  7. I just love your sense of style