Wednesday, 17 April 2013

let's get these teen hearts beating faster faster..

dress: cath kidston // cardigan: new look
earrings: topshop // shoes: primark

 Last Friday, I set our with the lovely Alex for a roadtrip. She didn't know where we were headed, just that it was a trip in aid of her birthday. And we did manage to get pretty close before she guessed, which was rather good. (This may have been due to the amount of time she spent snoozing in the passenger seat as I navigated us through apparently endless roadworks, but still).

The secret destination was Bath, and as well as some exploring time, I'd arranged for her to go to a Reading Spa at Mr B's. I arranged this all many months ago, and have to admit that the staff at Mr B's were so incredibly helpful that I'd been very much looking forward to it myself as well!

Anyway, whilst Alex was talking books with Libby, I went for a wander (as fast as my silly blistered feet could carry me) to see what the shops had to offer. I popped into Cath Kidston and came out with this dress, which I couldn't wait to wear at the first opportunity, so here it is.

I rather like that the mix of colours in the fabric means it's quite easy to find something to team it with, even when you're in a mad rush to get out of the house and to the swimming pool before work because you've spent far too long playing Bread Kittens instead of getting ready (oops, but it is fast becoming my current favourite app)..

Anyway, this week is whizzing by but it's all good. Except the fact that my feet are still a total mess and I'm having to walk on the backs of these shoes to avoid making them any worse - ack. 


  1. This dress is BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like a lovely weekend too, Bath is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  2. How gorgeous this dress is Char! Defintely a great buy!x

  3. Wow, I love the sound of a reading spa! This webpage might be left open in the range of my boyfriend as a massive hint! Loving the dress too, looks lovley. xx

  4. I only snoozed a little bit!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous frock :)

  5. This is the first time i've heard of reading spa, it sounds great.
    Love the dress, looks a very flattering shape.

  6. That dress is darling Char, I love the print and it mirrors your train print one perfectly so xxx

  7. Absolutely beautiful dress. Wish I could fit the CK stuff, but doubt my boobies would squeeze in!