Thursday, 2 May 2013

#BEDM Day 2: house of rabbits..

dress : cath kidston
Irregular Choice Flopsy heels

Day 2 of #BEDM calls for "Spring", so I thought I would finally get around to posting these outfit pictures, as I felt nice and Spring-like in pale colours and a light summer dress. I was rather lucky to receive these long-awaited 'Flopsy rabbit' heels a little earlier than anticipated and couldn't wait to wear them. Needless to say, they received quite a lot of attention, but they are a lot more comfortable and sturdy than I'd first envisaged. The rabbit shaped heel is made from resin (I think) rather than plastic, so it's quite heavy and solid.

I'd been a bit worried when I'd read Gemma's post about them as she'd mentioned they were quite small fitting, but I didn't find any problems with my normal size in these, so that was good (my feet have only just recovered from the last time I ruined them!)

I'm quite excited about the Spring weather we seem to be having lately. I'm looking forward to being able to leave the house in the morning with just a cardigan and no need for a coat; to painting my toenails all number of pretty colours and finally seeing some of the plants begin to grow at the allotment. It's a season of new starts, which is a good reminder for me at the moment, as well.


  1. You're building up a little collection of CK dresses as well as IC shoes now aren't you? You look lovely!

  2. That dress is so, so pretty! I was looking at CK dresses the other day but couldn't quite part with the pennies! x

  3. Beautiful dress, and of course those shoes are amazing!

  4. Love the outfit, very jealous of the dress and thanks for the mention : ) How did you get on with the gold lining? It cut my feet up last time I wore them with bare feet and roughed up my tights when I wore with them, but I think it's not helping that mine are on the large side and rubbing as they're slipping off. I tried the smaller size again, but it's really uncomfortable, so I think I did the right thing keeping the larger size.

  5. cor, that dress is so pretty. You look great x

  6. Ha I saw those shoes the other day and couldn't work out how someone could walk in them. Of course you can. But also I'm slightly concerned that you are some kind of alien being given the ease and willingness with which you trot about in a billion inch heels.

  7. Oh my gosh those shoes! SO cute! I'm tempted to buy a pair just to look at them & put them on a shelf or something although that would be a little silly. I'm so happy that Spring has finally sprung, you're right, it's a season of new starts, which I think is always a good thing!

    Jennie xo |

  8. Those shoes are truly amazing - I'm a big fan for sure! xxx