Thursday, 30 May 2013

#BEDM Day 29 and 30..

Oh the irony. I've managed to fall behind on the post which is supposed to be all about explaining how organised I am and what my routine is..!?

Well, I don't have a super-complicated beauty regime to stick to or anything; my morning routine is fairly simple. I get up and dressed, leave some food for the tortoise to eat during the day, then head off to the gym, where I swim about one hundred lengths, then shower, change and head to work. (I still tend to get there first).

And as for who inspires me? I'm not really sure there's someone I look up to for Inspiration with a capital I. I get my clothes inspiration from lots of places and often seeing a photo or a blog post of someone's outfit can make me think of wearing something I'd never thought of putting together before..

fox print shirt: primark
shoes: irregular choice
cardigan: matalan
skirt: h+m
This shirt was something I spotted on Claire's blog a little while ago now. Actually, going back to her blog now has just inspired me to wear it with the blazer I picked up at the weekend as well. I had to ask Alex to help me hunt for it, as my closest Primark store isn't very big and doesn't often get the same things in. But she managed to find it, and once I'd picked it up I couldn't wait to start experimenting with it. I figured it was totally fine to wear a shirt from the men's section with a particularly girly outfit..


  1. LOVE everything about this outfit Char x

  2. I wanted this shirt but I could only find one in my primark and it was too small :-( xxx

  3. Awwww yeahhhh you got the shirt!!! It's a staple already in my wardrobe, love it! :) xxx

  4. Your style is so perfect <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. I bought this shirt too! :)