Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#BEDM Day 7: pets

Bertie trying to help with my book..

Pets? That's an easy one.

Finally, after wanting one for twenty years or so, last year I brought Bertie the tortoise home, as my best friends' change in circumstances meant she could no longer look after her menagerie of animals. He's a Hermann's tortoise, named by my other best friend as we aren't entirely sure whether "he"'s a she or a he.

He lives in a tortoise table, kindly donated to me by the lovely Sock family, and filled with a mixture of sand and soil, a food bowl, water pool and a toy dinosaur (of course). His enclosure is heated by a heat lamp and lit with a UV bulb, which are on a timer each day but mean he doesn't hibernate. (Apparently some folk wrap their torts up and put them in the fridge to hibernate, but I didn't really fancy that - imagine popping in to the fridge to get the milk out and having to move the tortoise to one side!)

He mostly eats salad leaves at the moment, with dandelions and tomatoes as a treat now and then. I am turning over a small section of the allotment to grow some "tortoise mix" seeds, which incorporate quite a few different plants which are safe for them to eat.


  1. Hello Bertie! Isn't he tiny? I didn't realise til I saw him on your book! Good luck with the tortoise food seeds! x

  2. Jacob's a Hermanns, too - he definitely hibernates - he's outside all the time once the danger of frost is over (now!) and in mid-October, once he stops eating and sleeps nearly all the time he's popped in a box full of straw and put away in the (unheated) utility room until spring. xxx

  3. I love Bertie, such a little cutie! x

  4. Aww I'd love a tortoise, we used to have a teacher with one at primary school and all the kids loved it. I'd be with you if I did get one, I certainly wouldn't put it in the fridge either, bit strange!xxx

  5. hello Bertie! What a cute little guy x

  6. He's gorgeous! I love tortoises! Very envious! My friend has one called Speedy!x

  7. Ha Tortoise Table. I don't know why that's made me laugh so much but it has.

    I've looked after a hibernating tortoise in a fridge for a friend once. The fridge has be opened to allow air to circulate and they were away over Christmas so once a day I'd pop over and open the fridge door for a bit. Easiest pet-sitting I've ever done.

  8. OMG! Your so lucky. Bertie is so cute.

  9. Not sure I've ever found Tortoises as cute in real life as they are often portayed. Love Bertie helping with the book though, he/she looks so inquisitive.