Friday, 7 June 2013

friday favourites 047..

001: tortoise necklace, tatty devine, £35
002: Black and White pinafore, Ark Clothing, £24.99
003: Florence bag, Cutey, £110
004: Mildy sandals, Bata, £43.99
It feels like such a long time since I last put one of these wishlists together, which meant I found it quite difficult to narrow it down to a short list. I thought I'd stick to one new outfit, that's totally justifiable I think - everyone needs a new outfit now and again.

001: I've been lusting after this baby tortoise necklace for goodness-knows-how-long since I saw a picture of it on the twitter account. It would be like a tiny baby Bertie.

002: I've been searching for a suitable pinafore dress for I don't know how long. I saw one months ago on the Topshop site, but it was so short that I wasn't sure, and then it sold out before I could try it. I think this striped one is lovely, and would be a decent length. I've only recently discovered the Ark site, but there are so many lovely things on there that I can see myself spending quite a lot of time on there.

003: For someone who would definitely say they were a shoes over handbags person, I seem to have fallen for an extraordinary number of bags lately. I can't get over the gorgeous colour of this one, and think it would be a good size for all of the essentials. I've had to get rid of an old favourite bag lately as the handles had worn out, so it's totally acceptable to replace it, I'm sure.

004: I didn't think I would like these sandals at all. They are not my usual thing. The heel is too chunky, the strap is too chunky, I usually hate things like this. But the red patent is fab, and there is just something about them which makes me want to wear them all summer long. I'm so hoping they get back on the website in my size, sharpish. 

 What are you wishing for lately?


  1. That black and white pinafore is beautiful x

  2. Oh those sandals are BEAUTIFUL, I love the pinafore with them!

    Maria xxx

  3. Pinafore's are everywhere right now aren't they? Not sure I'd suit one. Liking the shape of that bag and I'm going through a handbag phase just now too. Those shoes totally remind me of things i wore in the late 90's, I had a pearly pair that had a suitable enough heel to wear to work and I wore them to death, literally!

  4. I love Ark's pinafores, they're amazing! Great picks, cute blog :) xx