Thursday, 13 June 2013

saviour of the universe..

heels : office
cardigan : h&m

I wore this outfit on Monday and was told these shoes reminded someone of Flash Gordon. (I don't know who that is!)

I'm pretty sure it's an outfit I've worn together before, but definitely not for a while; I had to dig this cardigan out from under all of the rest in the suitcase. I quite like pink and grey together and I always forget how much I like these shoes; particularly the funny shape of the heel.

Having an ever-so-slightly stressy day, too much to do and not enough time, but I'm rather looking forward to a proper gym session this evening. Maybe this will be the push I need in the eternal battle to being happy with the way I look. 


  1. Flash Gordon? 80s movie based on a comic strip - not to be confused with Flesh Gordon which is an entirely different kind of film altogether! I can see what they mean though :)
    I like the pink and grey combo, you look lovely.

  2. I love that dress and those shoes are fantastic x

  3. Looking lovely!
    I was a student when the film came out and we all trooped off to see it and annoyed everyone by singing the song at every given moment! 'Flash!! arr arr, saviour of the Universe' or something like that!
    The funniest 'theatre dept trip to a film' was Caligula, (ooo, risky!) and as everyone was 'at it' hammer and tongs, Lucinda spoke out, loudly, "That's Romeo & Juliet by Tchaikovsky". Oh, happy days!
    How's the seedlings going?
    Z xx

  4. I love pink and grey together too, so pretty.

  5. Oh my goodness you need to watch Flash Gordon. It's so unbelievably awful it transcends awfulness and is just brilliant. Plus you'll see a young Brian Blessed looking actually pretty fit.

  6. Totally sang the song in my head! Love the shoes very snazzy =) xx