Thursday, 18 July 2013

you left me for dead, california-bound..

dress : handmade
shoes : irregular choice

 Bit by bit, I seem to be clearing out my wardrobe room. I know there are still a lot of things which I need to try on and probably get rid of, but I've also been trying to rediscover some of the things which have been forgotten about for some time, and actually wear them.

These shoes, for example. A ludicrously generous gift from a friend, many years ago now. I think that somehow knowing that they'd cost a lot made me less inclined to wear them, but they're not much good to me packed away in a box, are they? The wedge heel is a lot shorter than I'd usually plump for, but they are a really comfortable pair of heels, once I've got used to the height.

The mix of colours on the star print meant I decided they would go ok with this dress - another thing which I've rediscovered and am trying out to decide if it's a keeper.

I think it's a combination of the fact that the heels are shorter than my ideal, and the dress is quite loose on the bodice and therefore ends up being quite low cut at the back, that make me feel like it's not quite as dressed-up as I'd have liked. Which is typical when today's the one day I wanted to look smart as I'm off to the theatre this evening.


  1. Those shoes are so cute!! Lovely outfit - very summery and pretty! :)

  2. Have fun at the theatre Char!

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  5. That dress is so pretty. I don't remember those shoes.