Wednesday, 28 August 2013

thirty dirty birds sitting on a curb..

dress: cath kidston
shoes: primark
cardigan : dorothy perkins
I took these outfit photos a couple of weeks ago now, at least. I didn't post them up at the time because I wasn't such a fan of how this outfit turned out in as I'd thought I might be. But as I'm currently drowning under the stress of last minute guide camp prep, I didn't have time to take any today, so I'm sort of scraping the barrel.

I love the dress. It's the same fabric and style as the mushroom one, and I bought it when I was shopping with Sarah when I visited her a few weeks ago. She bought this one too, but in the other colour.

I think it's just the cardigan I'm not a fan of. I always forget it's a really thin one, which makes me feel as though I have giant, The-Hulk style arms. Yuck.


  1. Aah I saw this dress in the window of the Cath Kidston store in Bath at the weekend and said how much I loved it!

  2. Love this dress so much, the print and shape are beautiful. Yeah not a fan of the cardi, not keen on the colours in it. I struggle to love any cardi that isn't black though, much to my own annoyance!

  3. I have Cath Kidston Envy whenever I see you Char x

  4. This dress is beautiful and such a nice shape