Tuesday, 24 September 2013

wild horses, we'll ride them someday..

Picture 004bloggers01
Picture 007
I was too lazy to go and take a photo of the deer, so I took a photo of Rosie taking a photo of the deer. Does your head hurt yet?
Picture 016
A picture of my feet - Instagram, I have arrived.
Picture 012
Lavender Ice? Um, no.
Picture 026
Picture 045
Picture 037
What I didn't manage to catch was the HILARIOUS moment where everything almost fell off the table and into my lap.
Picture 038
These donkeys would not stop peacocking around the place!

Last weekend I closed the office nice and early and headed on over to Sarah's house to pick her up for our road trip to the South Coast to stay with our lovely friend Rosie. After ever such a slight detour (I'm still not quite sure what happened as we got near Southampton, but the Maps App may have  taken us round in a circle) we arrived to plenty of snacks and an evening of gossip. Sarah and I may still have been chatting at 3am that evening.

Saturday started off with brunch (Rosie had mentioned that Cheese and Alfie's was THE place for eggs florentine, which I love, so I ordered that without hesitation!) and I spent the morning (well, the whole day really) trying to get to grips with how to work Instagram. (My username is dinoprincesschar, of course). Hence all the pictures of food. We had a drive around the New Forest and spotted lots of wild horses, before stopping for a little wander around Burley where we saw deer, geese and a few goats in the car park, bought severe quantities of fudge and then stopped for HUGE hot chocolates in a nearby cafe. It was such a big drink that I definitely did not want anything else!

That evening we went for a yummy pub tea (I had a rather good goat's cheese salad) and got I glared at by the next door table for trying to take some photos of The Lamb, up above us. When we got back to the house we had an evening of sugar-induced hilarity and I did my usual trick of falling asleep during a movie and having to Google for the plot the following day to see what I'd missed.

Sunday was spent mostly eating once again. After yummy croissants and passion-fruit curd (which I have to admit I'd been unsure about, but really liked once I tried it), we took Bodhi out for a walk and then dodged horses and marathon runners on our way to a huge afternoon tea at Rosie Lea's, which even between the three of us (and Bodhi, and the donkeys) we couldn't finish.

I'll be back to the gym this week to make up for all of the cake, but it was totally worth it to spend such a lovely weekend with two of the nicest people I've ever met through my little blog. <3 


  1. Woah Char, I bet you just didn't want anything after that really big drink!

    *snorks to self*

    This looks like such an amazing weekend. Envy!

  2. Awww sounds like the perfect way to spend a few days! Love the food - making my tummy rumble!

  3. Love the donkey's and the ponies of course, very cute! Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend and thank you for the kind comment, I'll be fine, just need to enjoy things and forget the bad! :) - Tasha xxx

  4. This looked like such a lovely weekend!

    Maria xxx

  5. What a nice time! This is so sweet. And that egg and bread thing at the top looks DELICIOUS.


  6. Ahh it looks and sounds like you had a perfect few days! So much yummy food! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Love the fox print of your dress; I really can't get enough of fox prints right now! I love how there were random horses and donkeys about on your travels! Random but cute!

  8. Looks like the perfect weekend! Intagram makes you obsessed with taking photos of food!xxx

  9. I love this post so much, so many pretty pictures of country scenes :) I love the horse and the donkey!