Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Direct me to my dinner..

Dress: Clothing at Tesco
Heels: Primark
Velvet Coat: Warehouse
Brooch: Topshop
Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav

 After spotting this dress on the New Arrivals section of the Clothing at Tesco site, I have to admit, despite the fact I was actually looking for presents for other people, it made it into my basket and I picked it up from the store the following day.

I couldn't wait to wear it, and got an opportunity last night when we decided to go for dinner at a nearby restaurant. I must admit, however much I may complain about small-town life, the one area where we do seem to be spoilt for choice is with places to eat. I have a little list of the ones I want to try, and we picked one in a village about ten miles away, which neither of us had tried before, but we'd both heard good things. Sadly, it seemed the one we had in mind is no longer open.

 So, back to the drawing board, as it were. We decided to give Saracens a try, as that's somewhere I've driven past many times but never actually been to. I opted for the chestnut wellington and was very impressed (and full) by the end of it. I forgot to take my phone with me so I totally failed on the "Instagram-ing my dinner" front, but can assure you it was lovely and I'd go back there.

The good thing about living in the middle of nowhere, I suppose, is that at least it gave me a chance to truly try out and review this Garmin Nuvi sat-nav from those helpful folks at Tesco Compare car insurance. I found it very easy indeed to set up and program a journey into using the touchscreen; it fixes securely to the windscreen without restricting the visibility and the directions were great. It got us to both of the restaurants we tried, without any problems. Having grown up and learnt to drive on country lanes in a rural area, it doesn't bother me at all that the "fastest route" option has a tendency to use these kind of lanes, but I'm sure that's something which can be changed in the settings if you're not so comfortable with the idea.

Being a quiet weekday evening, combined with the fact that we were travelling mostly on little country lanes meant that I didn't get chance to see how it fared with avoiding traffic jams, but I'm off to Newcastle for another meeting this week, so I've no doubt that function will come in useful then.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you! I can't believe it's from Tesco! I can see why you had to buy it. I really love the brooch, too.

    I pretty much live in the middle of nowhere, too, but there are loads of little villages with country pubs nearby that are said to do good food. I rarely go out for meals, for some reason. I really should change that! x