Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday Favourites 082..

001: Great Plains Tuscany Dress, £65
002: Laura Ashley Magenta Satchel, £85
Today I'm all confused. I've had no power for the past 24 hours, so no internet, no twitter and no work. Thankfully, the shed was still in one piece when I went to the allotment to check, but my kitchen window is leaking in pretty severely. I know I'm much better off than most, though, so I'm not complaining.

001: This week there hasn't been a lot on my radar. I went to Pure London last weekend and have seen quite a few dresses which I want, but most of them aren't out for a little while, so my wishlist is fairly small at present. This Great Plains dress caught my eye when the catalogue arrived, though; I love the colours and the fact that it's linen. Linen dresses always make me think of summer.

002: This satchel would be the perfect addition to my handbag collection. I really like the colour, and I don't have anything similar. How perfect would it look with the dress above, as well?


  1. That satchel is gorgeous, such a lovely colour!

    Maria xxx

  2. Char

    Glad to hear that you are OK.

    We have lots and lots of water and high winds here but no real problems.

    I love the colour of the satchel.


  3. Oooh, linen means IRONING- thus that dress and I would not be a good match!x Hope you are ok, x

  4. I love the satchel, too. I hope you continue to fare well during the flooding :)

    1. Thankfully our town does this every year, so everyone is used to dealing with it and it's gone in a few weeks.

  5. The satchel is gorgeous. I really love things in that colour, and there really aren't enough around! I think there's a Cambridge satchel in that shade on ASOS. I hope the situation with your window doesn't get worse. The weather is getting beyond crazy! x

    1. I'm struggling to figure out where it's getting in, so I'm not quite sure how to get it fixed at the moment, I guess I won't know for sure until the next time we get really heavy rain.