Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Favourites 088..

Bathroom Wishlist

This week marks a year of house hunting and the hunt is not getting any easier with time. Having looked at yet another horrible three-bed semi this week, I am trying so hard not to get disheartened but it's really difficult. I think I'm being too picky, but there are some things which I really am not going to compromise on.

To distract myself from refreshing the Rightmove page for the umpteenth time, I've been trying to look at the bigger picture, and remind myself that a lot of things can be changed.

This week, I've put together a wishlist of some of the things I'm planning to add to my bathroom, when I finally settle on the right house for me.

001: I've had my eye on this map print chest of drawers for quite some time. It would serve as the perfect linen cabinet.

002: Ironically, as I hate taking baths, I've always dreamed of having a freestanding bath, like this one. I've just always liked the classic look that they give to a room. I love the fact that the feet on this one are gold coloured, which I would use as the basis for the rest of the decor.

003: Inspired by Jenni's post this week, I like the idea of gold coloured painted picture frames on the walls and I think this mirror would fit rather perfectly with them.

004: Of course, no bathroom would be complete without a nice new set of towels. I've had towels from Cath Kidston before and always been pleased with the quality, and I really like the rose design on this set.

What do you think of my picks? What would your perfect bathroom include?


  1. I like a nautical themes bathroom with original sea inspired art work x

    1. Ah yes, pretty lighthouses and seashells used to be the decor of choice in my parents' house.

  2. I just saw on pinterest a wooden bath which was beautiful, I would love the whole bathing in jungle so, lush green plants, bamboo towels lots of thing to touch. In the real world though I'm happy to bath without kids banging on the door and not having to share my bubbles with too many bath toys. Xx

    1. Ooh, a wooden bath ? That sounds really unusual to me.