Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Review: Lepel Fiore Summer Emerald Lingerie

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Lepel Fiore Emerald Summer Plunge Bra, £22*
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Lepel Fiore Summer Emerald Short, £12*
I've been changing size quite a bit recently, which I'm putting down to the muscle-building I've been doing in the gym of late. At one point losing a lot of weight had caused me to lose several bra sizes and meant that I needed to have a complete overhaul of my underwear drawer. Whilst I'm pleased that I finally seem to be able to wear strapless dresses again, it does require another overhaul of the underwear drawer.

For this reason, I was rather excited when Mio Destino offered me the chance to review a set of their lingerie. I was sent a completely different set to the one I asked for, but will review the set I received, nonetheless.This is the Lepel emerald lace plunge bra and shorts. Not a brand I'd heard of before. There is also a fuller cup bra and a thong available in the same range and fabric.

The colour makes me think of sea blue, rather than emerald green, but it's nice and bright and I like the lace detail on the cups of the bra. The fit is fairly true to size (if anything a little big, but I think that may be that I'm between sizes at the moment). I found that the cups were a little loose across the front and that I was in danger of falling out if I leaned too far forwards, which I believe is just a sign that the bra is too big. 

My favourite design feature on this set is the laced ribbon effect on the sides of the bra and the front of the shorts, which I think draws the eye. The shorts are a generous size and a comfortable shape; which fit flat on the body without pulling anywhere. Always good to avoid that tied ham effect with undies which are too small, in my opinion.

All in all, it's a nice, basic set. It's similarly priced to the sets I've been stocking up on in M+S lately and the quality of this set looks as though it will fall a little short, but be almost as good.

Mio Destino offer a wide range of vintage-inspired underwear as well as lots of other brands, so their site is definitely worth a look. They are currently offering a 20% discount code across their site to readers of this post, when you enter "DINOPRINCESS" at the checkout. This code will expire at the end of March 2014.


  1. What a gorgeous set. Now I have grown some boobies I am so into pretty undies! xx

  2. Pretty and worth a little look :)

  3. Hi Char!

    Pretty colour - emerald green is fitting considering St. Paddy's Day, although I would agree from the picks that the set is more of a sea green colour. Which set were you meant to get? I like the high waist design of these though, have to say :)

    Melissa x

  4. What a gorgeous underwear set! I love the colour :)