Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sending out the message to all of my friends..

Louche Bonne Dress: Joy
Monkey Earrings: Topshop
Cardigan: Matalan
Mushroom Court Shoes: Irregular Choice
Today I'm sharing an outfit from last weekend as I'm currently assisting with the running of a county event for 800 or so Brownies. I'm expecting it to be mayhem.

This was actually a party outfit I'd had planned for a couple of days before the party itself. That never usually happens and I'm often rushing around trying desperately to decide what to wear, a couple of seconds before I'm due to leave.

As I was searching out a pair of shoes I'd wanted to wear last week as part of my #irregularchoicechallenge, I'd come across the box for these ones, which I've not worn much at all. I bought them as they were in the sale on a shopping trip to the Irregular Choice store a few years ago, but they'd always been a little snug, so I'd tended to stick to the other colourways I already had.

Now that my feet are a little smaller, I managed to wear them with no problems, and decided that they would match quite nicely to this dress, which I'd ordered from Joy in the January sales and then wondered when I'd ever wear it. I do love a good shiny party dress, though. And actually, I really like the bow and cut-out detail to the back of it.

I'm not sure I'd ever worn the monkey earrings before, either. I received them as a Christmas gift from my sister a couple of years ago, when Topshop seemed to be full of jewellery fit for the #wardrobezoo.


  1. This is such a pretty dress, I always kind of forget about Joy! xx

    1. Me too, I go through phases I think. So much so that I had an email from them today saying "we haven't seen you for a while"..!

  2. Smiling Char!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO pretty!
    I love this outfit! It's SUCH a pretty dress and the shoes are so sweet! I've been looking at the IC website and there are soooo many pairs I want but they seem so expensive now!x

    1. Gosh, I really don't like my face when I smile, but I have been trying to lately. I think the price has definitely been creeping up over the past few years. Are the anchor pair in my blog sale any good to you?

  3. That's a beauty of a dress and it looks stunning on you! The colour palette is so unusual!

    800 Brownies? Ouch! I think you'll be needing a stiff drink after all that! They'd probably drive me crazy.

    1. I love shiny fabrics like this, they do make me think of party dresses from when I was a kid.
      It was a tiring, but really good, day!