Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tick tock, tick tock..

Blouse: Oasap*
Clock Clutch Bag: Choies*

Still feeling under the weather and very much wishing that I didn't have quite so much to get done this week. But there we are. I had a few cute parcels this week, and I was excited to plan an outfit around this cute clutch bag, and this is what I came up with.

Heels: Ravel 'Helga'
I'm wearing my Helga heels again, because they seem to be the perfect colour for this F+F dress, which shamefully has been sitting on my dress rail with it's tags on for months.I love the pretty crochet floral detail at the top and would you believe, it's the exact same colour of the polka dots on this chiffon blouse. I liked the contrast between the mint and the coral colour, but hadn't quite thought about how I was going to wear that combination with anything, when I ordered it!

Collar Clips: Flapper Doodle
Shamefully, these gorgeous collar clips had never been worn either - I'd snapped them up when I saw them in the lovely Kate's etsy shop, Flapper Doodle, as I love the design. Collar clips are one of those things I wish I could wear more of as I think they're cute, but I don't really wear things with collars that often.

Dress: F+F
This week is going a little too quickly for my liking. Aside from catching up with work after spending Tuesday in London for my Queen's Guide presentation, I've been busily planning upcoming trips for the Rangers (London) and the guides (Alton Towers).

I'm organising a poker theme birthday party for a friend this weekend as it's one of his favourite past-times, so I have been desperately trying to think of themed food I can prepare. Do you have any suggestions?

I'm thinking of making up a batch of sugar cookies when I get home tonight, which can be decorated with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, as I'm working on the basis that everyone likes cookies. Or even, something like these! Aside from that, I've made sure they have plenty of beer and snacks, as I'm sure that once everyone's started with the betting, there won't be much call to pause for a proper sit down meal.

Dress: Handmade (Cynthia Rowley / Simplicity 1873)
I've already got my dress sorted for the evening: I made this Cynthia Rowley / Simplicity pattern up last year but haven't yet had the perfect chance to wear it. Although it's just going to be at home, I'm someone who always likes to make a bit of an effort with my outfits when it comes to parties and events, so I'm going with the poker-themed dress, even though he's told me it's geeky.

In preparation for the party, I've emailed all of our guests with a link to this video so that they can remind themselves of the rules of Texas Holdem, so that they'll all be totally prepared, too. I know that it's by far the easiest variation of poker to pick up, but despite being brought up playing the game, I sometimes find that I have to remind myself of the hand rankings.

There have been many occasions as kids where my sister and I have fallen out over whether a straight or a flush is the higher hand! I found this video really easy to understand, so I think it should be really helpful as a couple of our guests have never played any form of poker before, which really surprised me! When I was at Uni I think we would have a poker night almost every week and we didn't seem to be the only flat in the building to do so. Elaborate drinking games instead of betting were brought in at one point, although as a tee-totaller I have to admit I wasn't party to those.
Do you know of any ways to remember them? I'm thinking I ought to print out a little cheat sheet so that we can refer to it, but I'm sure after watching this tutorial it shouldn't take them long to pick it up.

Nevertheless, I'm so sure I'm forgetting something as with this cold I do still seem to be struggling to focus. Help!

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  1. everything about this outfit is spot on! xx

    1. Thanks :) I was pretty lucky with the colour matching, that's for sure!

  2. Perfect outfit combo hun.

    Loving the poker dress, ideal is not the word. As for food you could alway go for a red and black theme? Fruit skewers of strawberries and black grapes?

    X x

  3. This is a GORGEOUS outfit!!! (and the blouse is almost the same print and colours as my Joy Louche dress!) Really lovely and well matched in a non-matchy (which I do) way!x

  4. as in, I do matchy too much- can't get the balance!x

  5. I love everything about the outfit; the beautiful bold colours, the polka dots, the pretty dress, and the collar clips! I love Kate's designs and I really want to collect some collar clips... though I think cardigan clips would get worn more. I've never played poker in my life, but the cookies are brilliant and I'm sure they'd go down well! And I've still not been to Alton Towers yet! x

  6. this has to be one of my favourite outfits of yours Char, spot on! I'd wear it myself.
    Take care x