Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Favourites 104..

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge £25
001: Shock Absorber  Active Zipped Plunge, £25
Nike Zoom Structure+
002: Nike Zoom Structure+ Running Shoes, £84.99
This week, I've started a new gym programme. After using the same routine for the past few months, I was starting to get a bit fed up of it, as well as wondering whether it was actually having any effect anymore. I'm a firm believer in changing things up when it comes to exercise so that my body doesn't get complacent.

The new one is proving tough so far, but I quite like being able to feel that it must be working, if I ache a couple of days later. I'm trying to focus on my legs and stomach as those are parts which I'm not happy with, so my PT has given me a list of exercises to work through. The plan is to do this workout three times per week, and on the days I'm not doing that, I'll have either a Metafit or a spin class instead.

I've taken my measurements as I wonder if that's a better indicator of change than my weight (plus, the thought of standing on the scales makes me cry). I decided that for a new workout I need some new additions to my gym kit - these are what I have my eye on.

001: This sports bra from Shock Absorber has been on my wishlist for a rather long time, now. I really like the idea of having a zip at the front, because I do sometimes find that when I'm doing crunches on the mats on the floor, bra clasps dig in and hurt my back. I've only read good things about this brand (and a great review on Where Are My Knees? of this very bra, in fact) so I'm confident that this will be worth the money!

002: I read conflicting articles all the time, it seems, about how often you should change your trainers. I don't seem to have any problems with my current pair, although they are looking a little scuffed, but I've had them for about 18months now and I'm wondering if it might be time for a new pair. There's just so much choice out there! I'd pick a pair of these Nike Zoom Structure shoes, as I've had no problems with my previous pairs of Nikes and I think they'd be well structured which is imperative for all of the different things I do at the gym.

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. I had some training with Nike when I worked in a sports shop. They recommended changing running shoes every three months if you run everyday as the components get compacted.
    These trainers are so lovely, I can't believe it's taken manufacturers so long to cotton on to the fact that colours are a good thing! Once upon a time it was black or white with a few accent colours only.
    Shock Absorbers make the best sports bras!

  2. Those Nikes are an amazing colour scheme!
    Think I'm going bra shopping at a underwear clearance place on Monday, might have a look for a sports bra. (In my size? I'll be lucky!!)