Thursday, 10 July 2014

Round and Round the Garden..

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Bag: F+F* // Dress: Laura Ashley
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Bracelet: River Island
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Leopard Print Courts: Irregular Choice
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Cardigan: Matalan
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Bird's Nest Brooch: Berylune (gift)
Last week, I headed to local(ish) Acton Reynald Hall for an evening of am-dram theatre, to watch the third in a series of plays by Alan Aykbourn - The Norman Conquests.

The hall itself became home to the Corbet family, when they left nearby Moreton Corbet Castle in about 1800 and some of it was purpose-built to extend the building at that time. I believe it was extended yet again in 1840 and repairs must have been made in 1893 according to the dates on the side of the building. It was later used as a school, but is now owned privately and lived in.

The current owners quite kindly offer the hall as a venue for their annual performances and I do try to make the effort to support them. Ordinarily we would take a picnic with us to enjoy in the grounds before the show, but due to the thundery storms we decided to eat beforehand and head over just before the performance to ensure good seats and snap a few photos before we went in.

The play is one of a series of three, all set across the same weekend, with the same six characters. Although they weren't written to be seen in any particular order, we watched Table Manners first, last summer, which is set in the dining room, Living Together (in the living room) next and this was the final instalment; Round and Round the Garden (no prizes for guessing where this one was set!).

I have to admit to not having read or seen any of Aykbourn's other works, but if these are anything to go by, I think I'd thoroughly enjoy them. I loved the way the plays fitted together and despite the first being a year ago, it was funny to remember the scenes from that and realise how everyone's actions fitted in with each other. I do love a bit of live theatre and the acting was fabulous, with the characters having us in stitches of laughter.


  1. Sounds great! I don;t think I've seen any of his works but I know they are renowned for being funny! Love the fact it was set in different places. I did an amazing project set in a manor house in Ealing a few years ago and the audience travelled round different rooms and fond different plays and performances-We were the Great Gatsby party based on chapter 3 of the book!x
    I do love that dress!x

    1. I'd not seen any before, but I'd certainly look out for more of his work now.

  2. Love your dress! What an incredible manor house type magical place.

    1. It's an amazing place- the perfect setting for this!

  3. People actually live there? I'd love to live in a place like that, it's stunning.

    I like your dress. And I also re-like the bike ;)

    Corinne x

    1. Yeah - imagine living there - it must be AMAZING!!

  4. This sounds lovely. What a super idea, shame the weather wasn't kinder for you this year.
    I adore this dress, love the colour and pattern. You can't beat LA for a floral dress!