Saturday, 30 August 2014

Six in the morning baby, I got a long day ahead of me..

Dress: Handmade (Simplicity 2444)
Beret: Primark
Clutch Bag: ASOS
Boots: Irregular Choice
Trench Coat: F+F
Earrings: Tackys
A quickly thrown-together outfit from last Saturday morning. I'd literally only just finished the dress and was for some reason determined to wear it right away. I really like this hedgehog print fabric, more so now it's a dress than I did when I bought it, which is sometimes how it goes.

I think the rest of the outfit all just kind of happened around the dress. I knew I'd need a mac as it was a little rainy, but not very cold. And the Irregular Choice shoes were a new-to-me purchase, which had just arrived,  and I didn't want to waste any time in wearing them, either.

The clutch bag was something I featured in a recent Friday Favourites post, and decided to order when I sold a few of the clothes I'd listed on my Instagram sale page. I love the 3D effect of it's flowers and sequins, but think it would be a much better design if it had a handle attached, as I'm worried that clutching onto it is going to dislodge some of the embellished detail.

Huge earrings, also new-to-me via a seller I found on Instagram, and a beret to hide the fact that my hair is always a mess, lately. It's all a bit mental, but I was told it was all very "me", which I'm just going to take as a compliment and move on.


  1. The bag is truly gorgeous, I'm sure with your sewing skills you could fashion a wrist strap for it? The beret is fab but there's no need to hide your hair - it's lovely. I'm of the 'messy hair, don't care' school of thought. Life's to short for perfect tresses.

    1. I'll have a think about adding a wrist strap - I guess it can't be too hard.

  2. Oh, this is lovely: the blue and coral together works so well! Also, I want your hair. Every time I look at your blog, I want your hair!

    1. Thanks, it's an unlikely combination.
      I would swap hair with you in a moment!

  3. It works, it really does!!! X

  4. The coat length is perfect for that dress and it all works so well together. Sometimes the 'thrown together' outfits are the best!

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure but also didn't have much time to worry about it as I had too much to do!