Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Favourites 121..

TP Collage

I started watching my way through Twin Peaks this week and am well and truly hooked. I'm only just over halfway through the first season but I basically want to be Audrey Horne and am obsessed with Agent Cooper in more ways than one.

Naturally, this week's wishlist therefore had to have a Twin Peaks theme.

001: I definitely think that Twin Peaks pencils would make me more productive. OK, maybe not. But they're cute.

002: "Jelly donuts? That goes without saying."

003: Cutest stickers ever.

004: I could be The Log Lady with my very own log candle. I'd still rather be Audrey, though.

005: New gym t-shirt sorted!

006: A slightly more subtle nod towards the rather freaky Cooper dream scenes..?

007: To be fair, these were on my wishlist before I'd even considered a theme, but I figured they fitted the theme quite nicely. I really want them as my Xmas PJs - anyone else have the "new PJs for Xmas" tradition that my family seem to have grown up with?!

008: My favourite find this week has to be Steph Says Hello and her awesome typography. I reeeeally fancy framing this set of postcards to put up in my living room.

009: Best phone case ever? "Diane! I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies."

010: I love Kate Rowland's Etsy store - she makes all kinds of wonderful TV-inspired jewellery and her Twin Peaks pieces are fab. I might have to order myself the coffee brooch, pronto.

Anyone else as hooked on Twin Peaks as I seem to be at the moment, despite the fact it's sort of scary?


  1. This must be one of my fave FF! Genius!

    1. Is it OK to admit that it's DEFINITELY mine?!

  2. Yep, I want all of the things here! I watched Twin Peaks when it was first broadcast. I was only 12 - far too young really.

    1. I love it. I'm going to be bereft when it's over.

  3. I've never seen any Twin Peaks, I'm currently in the throws of a Walking Dead obsession.
    I will definitely be looking out for some Christmas PJs though...