Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Shoes 066: Topshop Pout..


I've not seen these POUT heels in store before - possibly because I seem to live in the town which houses the smallest Topshop store in the world, and it's sweets section is bigger than the shoe section and we never seem to get any of the Boutique collection in.

When I spotted them on eBay recently, I hoped they'd be heading my way soon, and I was lucky enough to win the auction. I love the festive feel of the velvet. The platform is nice and sturdy as is the heel and they're nice and comfortable to walk in. I usually shy away from peep toes but I figured that they are covered mostly by the pom poms, which are made from a fairly heavy yarn. I'm pretty pleased with them and have worn them this week to "smarten up" an oversized Xmas jumper.



  1. I love these shoes, they are such a good colour!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love them! I really love shoes with pompoms. If they weren't so high, I would totally have bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa ones with pompoms on!

  3. Oh and I'm really sorry but I just missed the last Christmas post by an hour on Saturday so I really hope the other half of your present gets there in time- I knew I should have sent it earlier but was procrastinating!x

    1. Aww, it doesn't matter, thank you very much anyway! x x

  4. Yes, I have them in green! From a good few years back, I remember buying mine on Christmas day online when they popped into the sale! The peep toe is covered with that amazing pom pom, so you barely see toes peeking through!