Monday, 16 February 2015

Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Underwear review

Large Cup Lingerie


A lovely Valentine's Day treat was waiting for me when I got home on Saturday evening. I'd been chatting to Sian recently about the fact that I don't think I've been wearing the right size bra lately, and she sent me over some tips to make sure I was getting my measurements right. I know that my body shape has been changing a lot with the amount of time I put in at the gym, and I've sort of been ignoring it.

Once we'd decided on the right size for me, Large Cup Lingerie offered to send me this Parfait Charlotte set to review. After one wear, I can announce that I adsolutely love them. The colour is lovely and I'm a big fan of all of the black satin bow and edging details, which I think gives them a much sexier look in contrast with the ice blue. 

The bra fits so much better than I'd expected - I've gone down a back measurement and up a couple of cup sizes, which I'd never have realised I needed to without Sian's advice and it really has helped. I'd also definitely recommend Large Cup Lingerie for their speed of delivery and the helpful advice I received from them too in helping me find the right set for me.

I'd definitely give them a browse if you're looking for something with a better range of sizes than your regular high street stores.

Parfait Charlotte Underwired Padded Bra*
Parfait Charlotte High-waisted Brief*


  1. ooooh this is just up my street, pretty colour, high waisted and chic.

  2. Thanks for the mention! And so glad my tips helped :D You can never know when giving sizing advice to someone without having actually met them, so glad it worked. As I said on Instagram, I used to have this set in red, but it got too small for me and I'm now extremely tempted to get it in this blue, gorgeous!

  3. It's a really pretty set. It looks quite comfortable too. x

  4. They are lovely, such a pretty colour. xx

  5. I just got a new bra last week, but the size isn't quite right, so I'm attempting a second try. It's from Elomi and I haven't tried them before, so was unsure about their sizing. It's a 5 hook job (!) so quite difficult to get on, but I'm thinking the cups are too small, the band is fine-ish. It separates though, which I'm not keen on as it just makes me look wider. I think my boobs need to be pushed inwards rather than out. I really love the print and style, so hope this next size is better. I pretty much always have to buy online because shops don't stock my size, it's so frustrating. I quite like the icy colour of this one.

    1. Boo, I hope you can swap it for a better size?