Thursday, 5 February 2015

Another heart calls..


When this red leather skirt first arrived, I'll admit I was a little worried. Exactly how does one style a red leather skirt without looking a little too "dominatrix"..? Nonetheless, it was something which had jumped out at me from the selection of skirts on the Warehouse site, so I was determined to give it a go...

Warehouse Hearts 3

I decided I'd try to create a Valentine's themed outfit instead, and so dug out as many heart-shaped accessories as I could find. Let's face it, I've always been the kind of person to wear my heart on my sleeve, so why not extend that to my tights as well?


So, my thoughts on the skirt? Well, it's a little shorter than I'd usually be comfortable with in an A-line shape. It's a rather fab pillar-box red colour, it's great quality and the leather really is lovely; a buttery soft finish. I'm just not sure how much it really suits my shape, but that's more to do with my body shape than anything else! 

I loved the idea of mixing hearts and textures so decided to wear it with a pink beaded top I picked up from a vintage shop in Liverpool when I went to see the giants last year. I've not had a lot of wear from it since then, but like it with this - despite the fact that it means I'm breaking one the only 'dressing room rules' I was told when I was younger: pink and red clash. Sorry, Mother.
To continue embracing the clashfest, I added a red heart handbag and socks over some heart print tights and a pair of shiny silver brogues which I'd not yet had a chance to wear. As a finishing touch, this heart headband and some brooches - particularly love this little pin up lady! 

How would you style this skirt? 

Warehouse Hearts 2
Leather Skirt: Warehouse* // Headband + Socks: Asos // Tights: Primark //
Heart Brooch: Handmade // Pin Up Brooch: Rockafrilly
Warehouse Hearts 1
Heart Bag: Topshop // Beaded Top: Vintage // Cardigan: Matalan


  1. Ah loving this outfit on you Char! The skirt looks gorgeous!

  2. I'm not brave enough to wear a leather skirt! This looks lovely., great combo!

    1. I've got a few leather pencil skirts, which I'm fine with. This one. being that little bit shorter, for some reason made me much more uneasy.

  3. Mwah! Love the heart shaped bag Char.
    I'm visiting Liverpool next weekend! Will jot the vintage store down on my list :)
    x x x

  4. That is a GOOD-sized novelty bag! I like!!! I really, really like what you did here with this- very cute and I love the contrast of grey, pink and red. Almost bought those shoes too- £5 in Tescos now!! Bargain.I added red socks Sophie bought me to an outfit with tights and I loved the combo! The only thing I cannot reconcile myself to is leather-I'm still not at a place in my life where I feel comfortable with leather clothing, but that's just me!!!x

    1. It really is - you can fit all of the essentials in there. I'm quite liiking tights and socks!

  5. Did you already take the spotty tank top to the charity shop? If not, I'll buy it!!!! Sorry, meant to say but as usual, got distracted by internet!!! Just been on your IG for the first time in days!x

  6. I love this outfit; you've dressed the skirt brilliantly! I'd have no idea where to start! I particularly love the tights and the bag, and the brooches are cute, too. Oh, and the skirt does suit your shape; it looks amazing on you! :) xx

    1. Thank you - I'm still not convinced about the shape, though.

  7. you look supercute in this skirt! <3