Monday, 2 February 2015

Big girls don't cry..

Coat: Dorothy Perkins // Headphones: Crosley
Necklace: New Look // Tee: Jersey Boys merch outlet
Brogues: Clarks // Tights + Socks: Primark
Satchel: Brit-stitch // Cardigan: H+M
A bit of a mish-mash outfit. I'm not sure that I actually like it anymore, now I've seen the photos. I picked the tee up in Las Vegas. Whilst I was staying there, the show which was being promoted in my casino was Jersey Boys. I've seen it before, so didn't go again, but did treat myself to a tee as a memento.

The rest of the outfit really was just thrown together, starting with the fact that I'd rediscovered these floral tights and wanted to wear them. I wore lace ankle socks a lot with trainers whilst I was in America and actually quite liked the effect so thought I'd try them with my brogues, which I'm wearing a lot lately.

The floral necklace was thew other thing I picked up from the New Look sale just before Xmas, along with my milkshake clutch bag. And I've not used my blue Brit-stitch satchel for a while, so decided it was high time it had another outing. I've been getting so much use from my headphones since they arrived, too!


  1. Love your coat and floral tights!

    1. Thanks -a bit of a mish-mash but hey ho.

  2. Omgosh, where is my Brit-stitch bag!? You've just reminded me I need to find it! This colour is cuuute. :)

    Tara x

  3. This is one of my favourite songs. It always hits home with me.
    So colourful Char - miss you!
    x x x

  4. I like the items you are wearing very much! The coat is so cheerful! I don't own a light coloured coat asI don't trust myself with it!!x

    1. It's going to be such a perfect coat for spring!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, I've actually been quite surprised at how much wear I've already had from them.

  6. Love that t-shirt. Proper awesome! And the shape of the skirt is fab - looks like it retains its shape really well.

    1. Thanks - it's a cute skirt but I don't know if it sits a little high on me?