Sunday, 15 February 2015

You came in with the breeze..

Isn't it always the way that you tend to take the place you live for granted? I found that when I went to Uni, I didn't do any of the tourist-y attraction things I'd always associated with living in that city and when I moved back to my home town after graduating, I felt as though I'd missed out a little.

Likewise, there is no doubt a lot which my surrounding area offers, which I don't even consider. I know there are heaps of National Trust properties across the region which I've not yet explored, for example.
Langley Gatehouse

So, when Alex and her mum were due to stay less than 30mins up the road from me, a few weeks ago, I couldn't really pass up an opportunity to do a little local exploring, could I?! And look how pretty the place was, even when we went for a little explore and it was getting dark? Obviously Alex took better photos than I did.


We did some antiques shopping during the day - I was talked out of buying the cutest bird cage ever, and then came back and did some exploring around the house and the hayloft. I found lots of moths, which terrify me a little. 


Then, after an evening dinner of Scouse, and lots of rounds of Articulate in front of the fire, I headed to bed under the best sloth-beam ever (see Alex's post for an explanation). 



  1. What fun!!!! How nice of Alex to invite you along too!! That place looks Amazing and someone I'm not surprised about your sloth impression!!x

  2. Ewww, don't like moths. Looks lovely though.