Thursday, 19 March 2015


I love a good challenge, particularly when it involves putting outfits together. So I was definitely up for the #DressUpWithGeorge challenge, choosing one of their dresses and styling it up in three different ways. Figuring out how to wear things in different ways is something I've been embracing recently as a way to help with my spending ban. 

I chose this floral bardot dress and couldn't wait to get started. 

Outfit One:
For my casual outfit, I went with the type of thing I'd wear to run some errands on a weekend morning. I seem to be layering jumpers over dresses a lot lately to combat the recent weather and I finished off the look with tights and brogues. These silver ones are still a favourite at the moment. And any excuse to wear my milk carton bag.

Dress: George* // Ladybird Jumper: George* // Bag: Gift
Brogues: F+F* // Tights: New Look
Outfit Two:
My next outfit is one I'm going to wear to the theatre next week. I am wearing more petticoats lately and having found a box of tulle skirts hidden away under my bed recently, I've dug a couple out which are the perfect length to wear under dresses as petticoat layers. I really like the way that adding another swooshy layer underneath this dress can totally change the shape of the silhouette. I finished this off with my sequin jacket, some sparkly Irregular Choice heels and another novelty bag.

Dress: George // Shoes: Irregular Choice // Skirt, Headband: H+M
Camera Bag: Accessorize // Sequin Jacket: Monsoon
Outfit Three:
A typical work day outift for me. Printed dress, plain cardigan or shrug, heels and a decent-sized handbag. I always think I'm dressing fairly low key when I wear something like this to work, as it's not as "out there" as some of my outfits can be, but apparently it's still pretty dressed up. I'd hate to have a work dress code where I had to wear a suit every day.
Dress, Necklace, Shrug, Bracelets: George*
Bag: Gift // Boots: New Look

I know which outfit is my favourite, but was really pleased with this dress and how versatile it is. Styling it up has been really fun and I'm looking forward to wearing this sparkly outfit to the theatre next week. 

Which is your favourite outfit?



  1. What a gorgeous dress, I love how you've styled it so many ways too xx

  2. Gorgeous dress! I'm a bit dangerous with supermarket clothing as I'll always have a look when I'm doing my shopping and end up going home with something, oops haha! Fortunately we go to Aldi at the moment which definitely helps in that aspect.
    I've got a couple of petticoats that I love wearing, but they're the huge fluffy ones - they do look amazing but definitely don't work for everyday wear, can barely fit behind the wheel of the car! Think I might need to invest in some that are less pouffy sometime.
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  3. Each outfit is so different! I love them all but my favourite is the casual look. I love how layering a jumper over a dress can dress it down and make it so much more wearable for day x

  4. I'm in love with that dress, it's literally gorgeous! Think I need to take a trip to ASDA xx <3

  5. I like the styling and that dress is a corker!!!x

  6. My fave is your work one, though I love the milk bag. I like items that can be worn more ways than one.

  7. That dress is GORGEOUS! I love all of them but outfit 2 is my favourite!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love it, this is right up my street! I love outfit 2 although they're all lovely!

  9. You look stunning in each of those outfits, but I think my favourite is the second one. So pretty! xx

  10. I love the work outfit, I can imagine wearing something similar to school. And I adore that ladybird jumper - so cute!

  11. LUHHHHVVVEEE the theatre outfit! <3