Sunday, 15 March 2015

It's only an hour a week..

Leather Shift Dress: F+F // Uniform: Girlguiding
Heels: Iron Fist*
I wonder how many people I know through Girlguiding were told that before they took on a role. I don't think I was, as I sort of knew what I was letting myself in for when I stayed on at guides to become a Young Leader with the unit. But it's a phrase most leaders laugh at, because it seems like guiding is one of those things which once you're volunteering and on someone's radar, it's likely you'll be asked to do something else.

I mentioned that I stepped down from running my guide unit last year and I was sad to do so. Since then, I can't say I've had all of that time spare. I still run my Senior Section unit, who meet fortnightly and tend to go on one outing per term (we went ice skating before Xmas and have a day trip to the seaside in the Easter holidays). Most of them will also be attending the county camp in the summer. Which I'm on the organising committee for, meaning meetings every month or so to plan logistics and activities, and drumming up interest with flyers, websites and social media for it.

I've also taken on a more in-depth county role this year, covering PR and Marketing. This is sort of an extension of the type of thing I've been involved with before, but now I'm heading the team. I feel as though I'm full of ideas, but also as though I've been thrown in at the deep end and I'm not sure where to run with them all.

Luckily, our new County Commissioner is super supportive and I get on with her really well. I love that we both seem to be from the same school of organised chaos. Our latest project has been our new website, which has just gone live, so a lot of my recent evening and weekend time has been spent creating content for this, writing up events and visiting units across the county, armed with my camera to take some promotional photos.

Over the next few weeks, I've got to run a training session on social media to leaders who I'm not convinced are going to be very receptive to it, I've got a Rainbow and Brownie event at the RAF museum in Cosford happening, and there are plenty of things still to plan for the camp in the summer. We're also off to Paris in August for a region event. As well as this, I'm trying to think of some PR stunts we can arrange to get ourselves known, and to secure some display space in local libraries and shopping centres across the county.

This week, I've spent my time finalising the website, starting our social media pages again after a bit of a glitch, and helping out at my friend's Guide unit and another friend's Senior Section unit.

So, for me, the "only an hour a week" myth doesn't quite ring true. That said, I know people for whom it has been. One of the parents from my guide unit used to spend less than an hour per week sorting out our accounts. She was a lifesaver as I hate things like that, so it would have taken me much longer.

I guess that guiding is one of those things which can be as much or as little as you want it to be. For now, I'm pretty happy with it as it gives me an excuse to use my brain for something other than worrying about inevitable things happening in my work life.

I've been trying to best find the words to explain it to someone who asked me why I gave up so much of my time for it the other day, and figured that here was the best place to do that.


  1. Well that's a great write-up!This happens with many amateur and voluntary organisations I think. It's good you like it lots and are willing to do that much. xx

    1. Thank you. I do enjoy it, I don't think I'd be able to find so much time for it as I do if I didn't enjoy myself.

  2. I bet loads of people do believe it's just an hour a week! Like with many things, which turn into almost full time jobs! I agree with Kezzie, it's great that you're happy and willing to dedicate so much time and energy to it and are still happy doing it.