Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cowboy Hearts..

Coat: Topshop // Dress: Gift
Striped Mikey shoes and Robot Shopper: Irregular Choice // Tights: Dorothy Perkins

Yee-hah. Not an amazing photo but I rather liked this outfit combination, so here it is anyway. It certainly seems to be tights weather already and I really like these heart tights with these Striped Mikey flats for a day when I want to be a bit more casual, do a lot of walking, or just wear a shorter hemline on my dress. I do like this cowboy print dress but I feel as though it's a little short. I don't know why as I think it's about the same as most of the dresses I make. Maybe just one of those weird quirk things.


  1. You have that Amazing Topshop sailor coat!! I love it, it looks like a horse riding coat here which goes well with the Cowboy look. Stripey Mikey completes it!x

  2. The dress and jacket look fab together! I always wear flat shoes with shorter hemlines, the shorter they are the flatter the shoe.

  3. Those tights are so cute! I love your coat too x

  4. Amazing outfit! I love the dress, tights, and shoes. xx