Thursday, 22 October 2015

Busy bunny..

George necklace: Hello Dodo / Designosaur
Izzy Bear heels: Irregular Choice
I was told that this outfit was very co-ordinated, by my standards. I basically started with the shoes and went from there, matching dark blues and greens and pinks. Plus, this amazing bunny bag, which I'd forgotten I owned until I saw that Irregular Choice seem to have released a new, backpack version (here). 

This week, I think that burning the candle at both ends has begun to catch up with me. I've always been a bit rubbish at saying no to things, as I always figure I'll make the time! but yesterday, my exhaustion levels reached such a point that I had to have a lie down for half an hour when I got home, and I couldn't hold back the tears any longer. Ugh. I was better after that, though, and had a lovely evening out at the theatre with a friend to see Sarah Millican. How's your week been?

Dress: Red Herring // Jumper: F+F
Bunny Bag: Irregular Choice // Tights: Primark


  1. Very nicely coordinated indeed!!! I very much like it and the necklace is beautiful!! I'm so sorry you had a melt down but at least you know the reason why. Really, you are as bad as my husband. He CANNOT say no and gets into such spirals of too much to do, no time and he can't cope. I've told him time and time again and I am telling you too, you have to learn to say no. I care about both of you!!! :-) Right lecture over!!! I hope you get some rest. Loved this outfit!!!x

    1. Thank you, for your sensible words. I'm always being told that I do too much. I'm just hopeless at saying no.

  2. You look amazing; I especially love that awesome chameleon necklace. I'm sorry you're feeling so exhausted. It's amazing how much you cram in to your time; it makes me tired just reading about it! Haha. It sounds like you need a long, relaxing holiday. You shouldn't feel guilty for turning down plans once in a while. You need some time for yourself to relax and recharge, at least every now and then, or you could end up running yourself in to the ground. Hugs!. xx

    1. It's a super necklace; it goes with everything! I'd love a holiday but maybe next year.