Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Specs Appeal..

Emily Glasses - Scout at Glasses Direct*

Since getting a pair of glasses in the correct prescription recently, I've been forever forgetting to take them to work, or home again. Naturally, I jumped at the chance when Glasses Direct offered to solve this problem for me, by sending me a pair of their Scout prescription glasses to review. I've had a set of Scout frames before, in red, but they're not really right for my eyes anymore, so I've not worn them in a while. 

I've decided I love colourful glasses so I chose the Emily frames and sent over my prescription details to the team. Two days (seriously!) later, they arrived. I was a little surprised by how light they are: they weigh almost nothing which makes it easy to forget I'm even wearing them.

As for the colour, I love it. There's a lighter lilac colour on the front of the frames (although it's not the translucent effect I'd expected from the website) whilst the arms are a darker purple. 

Glasses Direct are currently offering 50% off many of their women's glasses and if you order before tomorrow you'll get them in time for Xmas, which I think is pretty great. 

What do you think of these Scout frames?


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  1. I really like them. I need to get new glasses next year so will bear them in mind. Also is that a llama?! Wow !