Monday, 15 February 2016

Sequins and sushi..

Dress: Laura Ashley // Sequin Jacket: Monsoon
It's been all go for the past few days, and this week has me truly freaking out - lots of big things in the pipeline so plenty of sleepless nights, business proposals and frightening meetings. Things like this keep you on your toes, I guess. Hopefully this time next week I'll be able to actually do fun things again. And, y'know, sleep.

This Laura Ashley dress has been hanging on my dress rail for goodness knows how long, yet I'd never worn it. I'm not sure why. Whilst I often find I shy away from white or pale backgrounds when I'm buying dresses or fabric, the print on this one makes it for me. I do have a rather similar dress which Roisin gave me, which I've worn a lot, so maybe that's why this particular one has been overlooked a little. 

Anyhow, it was off to the ballet with me on Thursday - Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty at the Hippodrome, to be precise. I saw Edward Scissorhands last year and there was no way I could pass up this one when it toured. I loved every second of it; the costumes and set design were just amazing and the dancers just take your breath away.

I love to be a little dressed up for the theatre and sequins are my go-to favourite. Speaking of favourites, I took my current favourite bag, which seemed to coordinate nicely with the colours of my sequins and shoes. As it was utterly freezing, I also wore my vintage fur coat, which is kind of like wearing an actual bear, and struggling into the teeny theatre seat with it.

Wiskers heels: Irregular Choice*
Sushi Shop Bag: Vendula London*


  1. The whole look is gorgeous!!!Xx

  2. I really love that bag, the frame/clasp fastening is lovely on it too. I'm very envious of all your trips to the ballet. I'd love to go...I used to dance, but don't get out to see anything like that now (not even sure there is ever any ballet on locally).

    1. It's such a lovely bag, you certainly need to add it to your collection! Birmingham is about an hour from us, but Matthew Bourne's productions are totally worth it!